Burning the Quran, Paid For by the Ukrainian Junta. Why?

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According to the news accounts, the person held for burning the Quran earlier this month admitted that he did it on the instructions of the Ukrainian Secret Service and received a payment in the amount of $120, having handed his sponsors the video recording of his act.

Wait a minute: isn’t there a mistake here? Isn’t it plainly nonsensical: what sort of a benefit for the Ukrainian authorities might have been a grave insult to the Muslim faithful?? – No mistake, and quite a bit of a benefit – had it not been for a prompt apprehension of the suspect.

A minor detail is carefully omitted by some NATO-compliant media: burning of the Muslim holy book took place in the Russian heartland, in the city of Volgograd, while the Volga region has been a historical homeland of the mixed Muslim and Orthodox Christian population.



It has never been a secret that the foes of Russia see a major opportunity in fostering religious hatred in our nation - just the same kind they are presently having in the Western Europe. In the meantime, Muslim servicemen and volunteers, shoulder to shoulder with their Christian brothers, are laying down their lives today in the war against NATO-sponsored and NATO-provoked Ukrainian Nazi.

World religious leaders, both Christian and Muslim, are well aware of such developments. Last week in Kazan, provincial capital of Tatarstan, predominantly Muslim Russian province, convened a large-scale Strategic Forum, Russia and the World of Islam, on the subject of the traditional moral and religious values as the foundation of inter-religious cooperation. It was attended by top civil officials and religious leaders from Russia and many Muslim nations. Addressing the Forum, Primate of the Russian Orthodox Church Patriarch Kirilll said:



As we look at what is happening in the world, we cannot help but notice the sad consequences of the atrocious interference of the Western powers in the affairs of other nations, particularly, those of the Middle East… So-called "Arab Spring" has brought about only grief and incalculable misery to the people of these countries, most of whom are Muslims. The civil disorder was accompanied by persistent attempts by Western forces to use the religious factor, to stir enmity and division in the society on the basis of religion.


Patriarch Kirill paid particular attention to the moral principles in the core of the human nature and to the present attempts at their deconstruction:

Orthodox Christians, like Muslims, strive to follow God’s commandments. We place ourselves in God's hands, and this is our starting point. We evaluate ourselves insofar as our deeds coincide with God's will, and it is this desire to place ourselves under the will of the Most High that forms the basis of our being. We are conservative in a good way: Orthodox and Muslims unconditionally reject any attempt to establish sin as a social norm or as an option for human behavior…

Thus, Orthodox Christians and Muslims resolutely reject the godless Western ideology, the menacing tendency to assume moral lawlessness as an option for human behavior. The abnormal confusion of the sexes and the most destructive abominal propaganda of sexual perversions are absolutely unacceptable.



In conclusion, the Patriarch made a special point on the menacing godlessness, seeking eradicate genuine faith and establish the reign of Satan:

The main challenge of the 21st century is that of a godless secular world. But today we, Christians and Muslims, building on our religious convictions, can together confront this tragic trend in the history of mankind, which displaces God from human life and imposes a different worldview, where there is no God whatsoever.

To meet this challenge, we need a consolidation of all the traditional forces of society. If we do not want evil, the cult of sin and selfishness, to take over, we must face this challenge with the power of God, and let me say that Orthodox Christianity and Islam that can jointly sustain this common front in the struggle for the survival of human civilization.



Please watch the video recording of this event, 15 minutes:

More great content, memes, commenting and community not available on this site.

We are also on Facebook and Instagram which have been designated terrorist organizations by the Russian government.