Anonymity on the Internet
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Modern man spends an enormous amount of time on the Internet. Getting involved in virtual communication on social networks and on forums, he easily succumbs to the illusion of anonymity and tries on various behavioral masks. All of this gives rise to a multi-faceted existence of the individual, depriving him of his inner integrity. Someone may think that the Internet releases them from responsibility for their actions and words, because no one sees their face in front of the monitor and they can hide from others behind a fictitious name;  a nickname.

Then, having thrown out the whole stream of negative emotions on the interlocutor, having offended some-one, they can simply turn off the computer and never go to this site again. Some in confession repent only of those sins that they committed in real life, erasing all their Internet adventures from their memory, as if it was not done by them.

Living in an information society, using the Internet and other modern means of communication, we, too, find ourselves tempted by the corruptions of our time. Let us stay awake ourselves and help others not to fall into the snare of temptations. Let us be vigilant in relation to our own words and deeds, not giving a reason to those who are looking for a reason (2 Cor. 11:12), so that the name of God is not blasphemed and our faith is not put to shame.

Report at the Diocesan Assembly of Moscow,

December 28, 2012